I Want Him by Evangeline!

Lust is very much an action word and the only way for it to be quenched is to do something about it over and over! Have you ever wanted someone SO bad that it was as if their very scent became an edible substance. Moreover, the desire you felt for them overwhelmed your thoughts, presence and entire existence? When one walks through life in pure wantonness, it changes the way you are perceived by others. This type of attraction to someone instinctively changes how people are drawn to you. Lust is very contagious.

Tasting the essence of him each night brings a pleasures to me that he will NEVER know. I imagine doing things to him that I should not. I want him so badly that if my fiction comes true, he will not even need to speak. I think body language and telepathy would suffice.

Drinking of him is my biggest lust of all. I want his release to fuel my soul…in my visions I have problem swallowing every ounce of him until I become him. I want him so deep inside of me that I cry for shelter. Yet, the shelter requires even more of him. If he truly knew the scenes my mind has perfectly placed him in, he’d run for his life the same way a gazelle runs from the lioness in her hunger.

If I had my way, I’d trap him within my space until the fire I have for him is completely quenched! I have never felt this way about anything in my life. It almost feels like some type of possession. Him casting his flesh on me is the only antidote to the exorcist! I feel outside of myself when I think of him, because everything about him is still very much a mystery.

I never wait for dreams to come when it comes to him….imagination is sufficient!

I want him.

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