Intensity Waning ~ by Mutuo Consensu!

Looks like “Mutuo Consensu” our official Spin-Off Blogger has done it again.
This masterpiece is in response to Losing Magnification by Evangeline.

Click to Read Losing Magnification by Evangeline!

Intensity Waning by Mutuo Consensu

All mornings are good
and our hello’s
have only “seemed”
to have lost their fire.

The “intensity”
of loves looks, now
is alternated with living
and enduring of life’s trials.

Momentum is not lost love,
only tempered through
fire and the passing of time.
Embers waiting for breath upon them
in quiet remembrance of burning brightly.

Breath forever gives and holds life.
But eternal flames burn out, consume ALL in their heat.
Our embers smolder, holding warmth,
knowing that they will not be extinguished.

Our individual battles away from each other,
give us time…
…time to miss,
…time to remember,
…time to look forward to
those times yet to be lived.

This “connection” that led our souls to mate…
two pure elements poured into the same glass.
Would you desire that we meld and blend
such that we became truly lost within each other?

Or rather sweetly scented as the oil in your bath water…

that I should
never “become you” nor you “to become me”.

Sharing space, bound, yet separate in our glass
Waiting for our attempts to merge our molecules.
That long handled spoon whipping us into froth
only to collect ourselves separately yet together…

…still in the same glass.

I accept your accusation and AM accountable
for the burden that is mine alone to bear.
Place your pointing finger upon my chest…
Place your concerned thoughts in my ears…
Laying tinder, giving fuel to the embers, now quiet.
Your words will be the breath that blows gently
igniting what MUST rest and be fed by our longing.

My accountability for our place… our space,
exists only because you desire it… because YOU require it.

I stir OUR combination at the times of OUR choosing.
Tendrils of ME reaching down, through, and around…
…and into YOU,
in this container that we’ve become.

As our momentum rises,
the lines between
where you begin
and where I end
no longer exist…
molecules blending,
passionately kissed
but not merging,
in this rolling, boiling
vortex that we have become.

My “push” meets your “pull”
in sweet harmony as our “contrast”
becomes “confront” where “push” now meets “push”
and “pull” meets “pull”.
Mimic meets fog covered glass
no longer able to reflect
in this steam filled room
as release swirls around our ankles
with the water circling
as it finds it’s exit
from our shared shower.

for this excruciating moment
our exertions combined
common goals refined
arms and legs entwined
our vision and emotion
defines that
we are whipped into one…

that we may separate
in our glass…

only to come together

“…the answer is … yes.”

7 Comments on “Intensity Waning ~ by Mutuo Consensu!

  1. Thank You Ms. Kat, Evangeline and the family of STP for your patience as I found the time to pen this response to another of Evangeline’s wonderful writings.


  2. This is great writing, it seems to be a mirror effect to Evangeline Jalique. It compliments her well. I do not normally comment on many writings pertaining to relations or erotic natures, but this caught my attention. I am glad to see the blog growing with wonderful talent and share blessings from. Emmanuel Brown and


    • We don’t know anything about mirrored effects, but they sure seem to write well together.
      The writing compliments the blog and we simply love it.
      Thanks Emmanuel Brown….always a blessing when you stop in.
      We’d love for you to share another piece with us soon 🙂


    • Thank You, Emmanuel. I was trying to create a contrasting “closeness” to mirror to Evangeline’s post which mentioned distance. Any eroticism (other than the pictures) was described abstractly in a desire to show “coming together in love”.
      I’m glad to see a brothers appreciation for the difficult subject of those sometimes necessary distances between us and the ones we love.
      thank you again.


  3. How cool to have such a response to anything that I have written.
    Thanks Mutuo for reading my stuff and thanks Emmanuel for the encouragement.

    My part in the whole era of this spin-off was from a very pure place. Feeling a disconnect with a loved one brings an explainable pain…this was my way of expressing and giving my tears words to speak.

    I am honored you two have taken interest.



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