Anonymous Guest Writer “The Stalker”

Recently, I was faced with a guy stalking me, so I immediately went to one of the wisest people I knew to help me with the situation. I was rather desperate because I had faced a situation like that once before and the turnout ended horribly, which took me a minute to get over. I made the mistake of thinking I had given my number to a normal quote unquote professional.

Long story short, the guy wanted nothing to do with business at all. He was in the business of only getting to know me. At first I was nice and took him at his professional word, but soon the calls became unneeded and very frequent. Not to mention the texts and emails all times of night.

The advice the wise friend gave me was very simple in my opinion, but I never though “simple” would even attempt to work for such an extreme situation. Friend said, “If you want to get rid of a person in your life, simply become the opposite of everything they think that you are.”

It took me days of pondering over that one for it to really sink in. I was like, “there is no way a stalker would go for that!” I put it right out of my mind and simply ignored the texts, calls and emails. This didn’t change the fact that I would often think, “what if what my friends said really worked?”

The following week I decided to give it a shot. Grudgingly, I began to reply to this guy more. Only instead of being myself…polite, helpful and pleasant; I became vague, straight to the point and rushing. Over time, the mean streak towards him caused the calls and text to cease. As even more time went on the emails stopped. I no longer hear from this guy.

Turns out my friend had it right all along. There are ways to once and for all get rid of people that you no longer need or want in your life. This process may not work for everyone and I don’t recommend it for anyone, but it did work for me.

A special thanks to the friend that clearly showed me what the outcome of that process looks like!

Written by The Anonymous Guest Writer

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