Perfect Match!

Perfect Match

It’s been years now
Since from him I’ve tried to part,
A perfect waste of time
He’s embedded in my heart.

We keep this Tango up tempo
Dancing outsides the lines,
He pushes forward
As a rushing adrenaline.

He moves me to place
That I’ve never been,
Then I find myself
Increment by increment in his arms again.

So hard to walk away
He dances to my tune,
So hard to keep step
Passing another June.

The bouts we take
Makes me yearn him more,
His familiar moves
Is true love endured.

Reminiscing the sweet smell upon his breath
The taste of his tongue and grasp of his hands,
I WANT to fiend him
I WANT  to dance for him on demand.

He has no intentions of letting go
By now I know that’s clear,
I think I only push him away
To make sure that he’s near.

He knows my mind
And he keeps a perfect step,
He knows I need his
He knows my words are only threats.

We are a perfect match
He says what I think,
He leads us flawlessly
We two in perfect sync.

There are many reasons
To end this dance,
But there are even more reasons
To take this chance.

Written by Author Katrina Gurl for….

The Balcony View – Peeking Through Innuendos COMING SOON

Get to know Frenchie and Tyler

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