A Re-Release of The Balcony View – Introduction of the Lovers

Relationships take work, patience and earnest cultivating to be successful…

THE BALCONY VIEW BOOKS will become a navigational tool to teach optimistic ways of dealing with REAL RELATIONSHIP issues, such as arguing, cheating, accepting real love and letting go of the baggage. As the stories within each series continues, you will enjoy learning through the couple that indentifies with YOU!

There are five basic stages of love: Attraction, Romance, Passion, Intimacy and Commitment.

Learn how love develops between the characters of the Balcony View as you are introduced to their lives of conflict, sexuality and dilemma.

Meet the Lovers…

Noreen and Trent: Two business workaholics that happen to meet during a much needed hiatus. Noreen dreams an unexpected romance after brushing off the man, (Trent) in whom, she may very well come to love for a lifetime.

Sholondrah and Langston: Two high powered attorneys, co-workers and friends are having yet another office battle that may lead them to catching a case of their own…for each other that is. Who will win this round of passion?

Frenchie and Tyler: Frenchie Langston, world renowned life coach and marriage counselor is having trouble in her own marriage. Frenchie is having no answers as to how to fix her marital status anytime soon. Her text book training seems to work for everyone else, while her own marriage is in shambles. Will Tyler use this time to admit his committed love for her?

Skylar and Brandon: Skylar has a fantasy to fulfill and intimacy is key. The two hit the road in search of the perfect antique chair to fulfill a rather sensual position. BUY HERE

AND we are excited to announce the NEW REAL LIFE COUPLE that will be added to this RE-Release of The Balcony View!!!

Jackie and Thomas: Frenchie Langston has been counseling Jackie and Thomas for a year about their marriage issues.  Frenchie tries to help this complex couple regain trust in their marriage after Jackie has done the unspeakable.

A Re-Release

This new couple will display the rawest relationship drama every introduce to The Balcony View!!!

Get both books October 21, 2011 on OFFICIAL release date of The Balcony View –  Peeking Through Innuendos!

Act One and Two sets the stage for what happens in real relationships!

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