The Balcony View – Peeking Through Innuendos

December 2009 is when Author Katrina Gurl’s official writing career started.  The first edition of The Balcony View was published through Jazzy Kitty Publishing.

Introduction of the Lovers (the first book in the series) consisted of four couples facing real issues that a lot of us face today. Each of the couples in the series show the very important stages that relationships go through.   However, in this series there are always answers to the big questions…Like why do men cheat, why do women cheat, emotional baggage issues, trust, respect, loyalty and etc.

The Balcony View – Introduction of the Lovers was just that, an introduction into the lives, drama, and phases of the couples within the pages.  Peeking Through Innuendos starts off right where those stories ended.  Find out if Noreen and Trent will make that dream come true.  Stand by to find out what happens at the office gathering AFTER Langston read Sholondrah’s story.  Be astonished about the turn Tyler takes in professing his love to Frenchie (a married woman).  Find out if Brandon and Skylar ever got to use that rocking chair that they desperately searched for.

Steamy Trails Publishing  says, This book has been highly anticipated by Katrina’s readers.  Katrina has received numerous emails and calls with people wanting to know WHEN the continue would actually take place.  It is finally here and we are exited that you all WANT to take this next step along with us.

Keep visiting here for updates as the days become closer.  Release date TBA.

Ohhhh, one other thing…catch a teaser from the new book HERE!!!!!

Happy Reading…

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