Crimson – A Continued Story!

Skylar could hear the car rolling in the drive way.

“Yes! My baby is home.” she said to herself with a devilish grin.  She was about to play this game full throttle today.  Brandon’s keys rattled against the door as he twisted the doorknob to enter the house.  Skylar swiftly rinsed off the bowl of grapes she had prepared just as Brandon entered the kitchen.

“Hey babe, how was your day?” says Skylar with mischief and excitement in her eyes. Brandon already knew what was in store for him as SOON as he noticed her uniform.  He was far too familiar with losing hands down for the likes of the gear she wore.

“My day was good and looks like it’s about to get better.” Brandon was very turned on the moment he walked in the house.  After a long day’s work…finding his woman in the kitchen half-dressed was like heaven.  He put his keys on the counter and hugged her from behind, kissing her neck as she place the rinsed grapes in a bowl.  He slid his keys on the counter and hugged her from behind, kissing her neck as she placed the rinsed grapes in a bowl.  Skylar turned to kiss him.  Even though she had five inch hills on, she still had to use the tips of her toes to reach Brandon’s lips.  She made sure that this kiss was very brief even though Brandon still wanted to taste the flavor that was on her lips from her obviously tasting from the bowl she’d prepared.  While their lips were still adjoined, Skylar says in a seductive whisper…

“You’re gonna lose again ya know?”  She backed away, heading towards the sofa. “Come sit down honey, you know the routine.”

Brandon followed her as he loosened his belt.  For some reason, he was very confident that this time would be different from the last.

“I will not be the loser this time!”

He let his khaki slacks and boxer fall to the floor as he took off his shirt.  Skylar bit her lip at the sight of his athletic body.  Brandon’s well-endowed manhood looked just as ready as he was to let the games begin.  Skylar promptly guided him on the sofa then opened the uniform shirt, opened her legs to straddle him.  In a stance to take full control of him, she gently pushed his head back and gave a kiss.  Her lips were loose and full of anticipation. She backed off a bit from kissing him to slip the first grape into his mouth.  He grabbed her hips, but she put her hands over his sliding them away.

“No no no, you can’t use your hands.”Brandon chewed his grape very slowly as he tilted his head back realizing that Skylar  was not going to make this easy on him at all.

Skylar lifted up to slide herself on him perfectly to moisten him with her juices. Brandon liked that and attempted to reach for her derriere.

“Baby no hands.” She whispered as she stuck another grape in his mouth.  Skylar lifted herself up a bit to put the head of his manhood within her.  She did this by tightening her walls continually.  She did this for a minute or two then proceeded to feed him another grape.  Brandon could barely chew.

“Ahhh, baby that feels so good.” He whimpers.

Some of the grape juice drizzled from the side of his lips as he tried to chew while being sexually overwhelmed.  Skylar kissed his wet lips and licked the juice from the side of his face.  Still tightening and controlling herself, she slid more of him into her.   Brandon’s frustration was beginning to show.  The crinkle in his forehead began to show.  Skylar feed him another grape, only this time, she bit half and moistened her lips with the other half before she put it in his mouth.

Deeper she moved in on him as she kissed his neck and chin.  Then she grabbed his ears using them as anchors and kissed his lips. She began to move up and down.  Her wetness manipulated Brandon deep inside of her.  She moved slow, then faster.  Brandon’s jaws tightened.  Skylar loved every minute of the fact that she was winning this game yet again.

“Ohhhh, baby you feel so good!”   Brandon wanted to touch her so bad, but he controlled himself to follow the rules.  Skylar slowed her pace down a bit…little did Brandon know, she was almost about to climax.  With him completely inside of her, juices flowed easy weakening her control.  Skylar could tell she was losing momentum as she feed Brandon another grape, watching him chew with a tightened jaw turner her on even more.

Brandon was no fool; he knew Skylar was getting weak.  They had been together long enough for him to know that she was about to climax all over him, so he used this to his advantage. As she feed him another grape, he licked her finger.

“Come closer baby, kiss me.”  As he used his tongue to put the grape from his mouth between his teeth as she leaned in to kiss him.  He bit down on half of the grape and she received the other half in her mouth.  They continued kissing as juices from the grape smeared on their lips and chins.  Brandon licked and kissed hers clean.  She enjoyed the way he followed the rules.  However, Brandon had a different set of rules in mind.  He looked Skylar in the eyes and said…

“I want to bend the rules a bit, can I touch you baby?” Brandon says still frustrated in composure.  “I want to grab you, take off your bra off, kiss your breast and have them slap me in across my face while you grin on me. I want to grab your backside with both hands and plunge myself deep into you.  I want to feed you a few grapes and watch you mentally waiver between chewing and screaming my name.  I want to get on top of you, hold your wrist down and press myself within you until you can take no more.”

As he spoke new ruled, Skylar was throbbing to appease his wishes.  His sexy baritone voice filled with passion and desire for her cause her to not even answer.  She just looked at him as he seductively rewrote the rules of the game.

Continued in upcoming book of short stories….

Written by Author Katrina Gurl

The Balcony View – Peeking Through Innuendos

Get to know Skylar and Brandon

16 Comments on “Crimson – A Continued Story!

  1. LOL 3rd sister!!! Hope you read these two posts in order.
    At least you didn’t threaten to tell momma on me for writing such things

    Thanks for stoppin is sis 🙂


  2. Good job Katrina. Glad to see that it is business as usual and that you are still keeping everyone’s minds turning. I can see that I am not the only one that notices the power of your mind.

    “Keep Seeing Growth”

    Emmanuel Brown



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