“Bite the Grape – But Don’t Move”

Skylar and Brandon had a wonderful relationship; almost too perfect at times, but it worked for them. Even though they are very young, their communication is well nurtured! They both had plenty of experiences of what a bad relationship looked like through their parents’ relationships.

However, all that positivity did not change the fact that Skylar thought Brandon looked so sexy when he was angry.

It wasn’t real normal, but she thrived on his bad days at work so she could see him fuss out his irritations of the day.  She love the way the middle of his forehead crinkled when he was mad about something. His jaws tightened and framed a near photo-shopped look to his profile the more he spoke. It turned her on to see the veins pop out of his neck and forearms.  Skylar was a freaky girl. Just about anything Brandon did turned her on, so him being upset was a given.

Brandon was a care-free kind of guy, but if you messed with his business, potential income and respect…he’d lose it! Skylar was a sly one.

Since she knew he’d be pretty chill on most days; she formulated a plan for this LONG ago.
Skylar came up with a sex game called “Bite the Grape – But Don’t Move” about a year after they met. This game even came with its own uniform, so Brandon would know what she was up to soon as he walked in the house if he saw her in the attire.  The uniform consisted of his crisp white work shirt, a victoria secret bra (with secrets barely kept), and thigh high lace stockings and of course a pair of stilettos…his favorite; the ones that zipped in the back.

Skylar plays this game because it’s a way to get what she wants without disturbing the relationship in a negative way. In a healthy relationship, the only real way to torture your man is to do it with sex! With sex, Skylar got all the attributes that turned her on while pleasuring him.

The grapes are used to eat as his manhood is slowly manipulated within her.

The object of the game is to see how long Brandon could withstand Skylar straddling him while slowly, centimeter by centimeter receiving all of him inside of her as she feeds him crimson seedless grape one by one.  In this process, Brandon CAN speak, but he CANNOT move anything below his neck.  The amount of grapes in the bowl is what makes this game a fair challenge.  The amount of grapes represents Brandon’s age, so as of two weeks ago, this gives him thirty chances to win and Skylar feels as a confident opponent since Brandon has never won this game.

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Written by Author Katrina Gurl

The Balcony View – Peeking Through Innuendos COMING SOON

Get to know Skylar and Brandon

18 thoughts on ““Bite the Grape – But Don’t Move”

  1. Well Ms. Kat, I must admit that I do like the way you purr. You even posted in reverse so that the continuing stories would be back to back. Outstanding (…pun most definately intended!)


  2. Katrina, I like this. These characters seem very familiar. Are they ones from the site or novel? I hope to see much more of them.

    “Keep Seeing Growth”

    Emmanuel Brown


    1. Skylar and Brandon are from the novel…
      they are the couple that represent the newness of love.
      They are the strongest link in the message the book speaks of.

      Thank you for stopping by Mr. Brown

      ~ Katrina


  3. I knew they looked familiar to me, Katrina. Didn’t we write something together about them a few years back in the SHEMA-GURL days?

    “Keep Seeing Growth”

    Emmanuel Brown


  4. Yep, this is the one….finally completed it.
    We wrote A LOT back in the S-H-E-M-A Gurl Days!!!!
    Um Perhaps, we should revisit those old writings, refresh them and
    make them work for new projects…think about it 🙂


  5. Will do Katrina. I am getting promo work done for Volume 3 of Profiles and finishing up my bio. Contact me and we can arrange that.

    “Keep Seeing Growth”

    Emmanuel Brown



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