Corporal Punishment by Mutuo Consensu!

In response to Mesmerized by Katrina Gurl

Corporal Punishment…

(???), you know I love you… after all we’ve been through together… but it’s NOT my job to fix you!… nor do i THINK that it’s my job to do so. Likewise, it’s not your job to FIX me, as if that were possible!
Yet your actions after this letter that you’ve written, I can only “interpret” as being manipulative, and an attempt towards “fixing” me to suit your desires. Working late is sometimes what I have to do and it seems that your “endurance” about ran out!

I come to our home to find…
rose petals strewn in a path to the bathroom…
candles long burnt out surround the tub…
dinner fit for the king you usually treat me as, sits cold on the table…
the bottle of wine, empty on the floor…

The words “forgive me” for missing…”, trail off into space as your tirade begins.

After three tries to appease what you refuse to forgive, you attack my manhood in your anger. I attempt to walk away in my agitated desire that this not escalate any further.

I know my temper… WELL.

So I keep in tightly in check and have learned how to walk away. Unleashed it becomes something crossed between The Incredible Hulk and Hellboy, complete with three sixes branded in fire on my left ass cheek!
Our kids are staying at your parents house for the weekend, so this leaves you feeling secure that they wont be there to witness your frustration at my once again disappointing you because of work.
As you rain your glory down on me,I attempt to walk away. All of this fades into a pale haze as I approach the kitchen, stop to lean against the wall and bow my head. I turn and look at you from my now no longer retreating position, and say…
Babe, I know you’re angry, and I’m tired after pulling a double shift and I really don’t want you to see me that way.

Strangely, you don’t seem concerned…
In fact, my words seem to inflame your tirade.
Mistaking my reluctance for weakness, you switch gears and tell me… Ooooo, big man! What are you going to do now, Beat me up?

With my head hanging down, I nearly growl through gritting my teeth…
You know that’s not the type of person that I am, so why do you push me.
Your condescending laughter assaults my ears and sets of the transformation…
I stand up, now looking down at you, your hands on your hips, your head swirling on your neck like some manic tornado with your mouth still running, oblivious to the change in me that has occurred. My hand shoots upwards and wraps around your throat… gently but firmly, holding you there. Your eyes, which were rolling up in their sockets with disdain during your tirade, have now locked on the visceral emotion on my face. Your face now reflects concern and a moist fearful passion is breathing, almost imperceptibly from between your thighs, which wafts up to my nose and triggers the only thought my now “one track mind” can comprehend…

Be careful what you ask for, cause you might just get it!…

You compose yourself after your moment of being caught off guard in your reverie, You lunge and push me hard in the chest. Surprised that you snapped out of it so quickly I stepback, still gently holding your throat…

Yeahhhh… now that’s what I’m talkin about.

A smile, something between a smirk and a sneer creeps onto my face. I change my hold on you from your throat to a fist full of hair while lunging back at you pinning your body between mine and the kitchen wall pressing the wind out of you with my weight, my knee still against the wall and in between your thighs…

You spit in my face, causing me to laugh, pull your head back & to the side exposing your throat and chest, causing your swelling cleavage to rise up near spilling out of their restraints, now straining the limits of your brassiere and thin cotton shirt like two pigs, wrestling under a blanket. Your neck invites me… dares me to lean in for a bite which I do… HARD. I bite your throat just hard enough to cause even more of your adrenalin to join what’s all ready screaming in your veins. Your legs buckle and you drop down onto my knee pressed between your thighs as if my teeth had severed the communication between your brain and your legs that was keeping you standing.

While trying to stand up pushes you harder against my teeth, remaining seated on my knee causes you to grind your now wet crotch hard against me. You writhe in your half-hearted attempt to escape, but I don’t want you to know that I know this. You tear at the hand knotted in your hair and lash out at my chest and free arm with your fingernails causing me to bite down and press you harder still between my knee and the wall while I wrestle for your wrist to control those fingernails that found their way to the side of my neck.

Another wardrobe malfunction about to happen

I haven’t really had enough of our 4play, but I want you to have enough strength for later. As I smile, I ignore the sarcastic thought that I should have brought you flowers and chocolates. I release your wrist and hair in exchange for the two sides of your shirt ripping it open sending buttons flying to the floor and exposing any breast lovers dream… Your 38 double D’s straining upwards & doing the shimmy as they wrestle their way up towards release from the lacy top of your bra.

Unfastening those two over & under rows of three hooks on your bra, for me, would only take my well practiced hand about 5 seconds, but that was 5 seconds that I wasn’t going to waste. Instead I grab the lacy tops of those cups where your tits are pressed against each other in the center, tearing them east and west as you spill out of the shredded fabric. You drop your flailing claws and pause only long enough to catch a breath and spit the words at me, FUCK YOU… How are you just going to come in here and TAKE ME like you THINK you OWN me?

That moment’s pause was filled with my hand back around your throat dragging you from the kitchen to the living room and dropping you face down/ass up over the arm of the couch and me leaning in to growl in your ear…

“Tell me to stop…”
“Tell me that you don’t want me to push your breasts together and put both of your nipples in my mouth and bite them til you squeal…”
“Tell me that you don’t want me inside of you while you lay on your side with one leg over my shoulder while I fuck the fight out of you…”

You like it when I fuck you from behind, so it’s possible that with your face down in the sofa cushions, your pussy had a flashback and decided to over rule your mouths natural desire to speak. So with a fist full of your hair again, I give you a firm slap on your upturned ass causing you to jump and squeal as I ask you again…


You heave your body, either trying to throw my weight off your back or probably more true, you’re getting impatient for what you know is coming… throwing your ass against me to get me to shut up and fuck you until you start speaking in tongues. But your mouth remains either defiantly or deliriously silent other than for your passionate panting and another gasped “fuck you!”

In response, I give you another firm slap on your ass. That along with my weight pressing down on your back causes you to spasm, hunching your back and grinding your ass against my cock which is now straining against the inside of my pants, wanting to be released then imprisoned inside of you.

Your brain is trippin on the conflict of the warmth spreading in your ass cheeks and the anger you felt over being disappointed again, but your ass makes the decision for your brain and keeps grinding against the stiffness in my pants.

I lean down over your back and growl/whisper in your ear…

“You don’t want me to stop do you?…”

You bite your lip and keep your silence.

I slap your firm, tight ass again, causing you to squeal again in surprise as the heat in your cheeks spreads causing your wet sex to contract and make a sucking sound causing my dick to convulse in response… as if your thighs were calling it by name.

. . .

The next morning the sun rises to find the two of us a sweaty tangle of limbs and bed linen laying on the mattress which is now on the floor…    no longer on top of the bed frame. You stretch and push the hair out of your eyes to look at me.

A smile blooms on your face as you kissed my lips and apologize for being so upset last night. Getting to your feet and bouncing on your toes towards the bathroom you call back over your shoulder with a smile…

“You’ll have to apologize like you did last night more often!”

These are the writings of Mutuo Consensu

10 Comments on “Corporal Punishment by Mutuo Consensu!

    • This reply took US all by storm…still processing this one.
      Thanks for stopping in and maybe YOU should do the encore to this…
      Boss Lady will not touch this!!!! LOL!!!!


    • an encore to this?!?!

      prolly not. 🙂

      but then again…maybe a female version where SHE takes full control…but some imaginings have to cook a bit longer, and that one will have to simmer for a while like this one did.



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