The 5th of a Second…

Here at My Stiletto Dreams, we love asking the age question. The latest one on the table is “How long does it really take to fall in love?”

Have you ever watched a movie or heard someone say, “I loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you!”

Well, if you have ever heard that saying….that is absolutely true!

A recent study using functional magnetic resonance imaging calculated how love affects the brain. In this study, we have learned that the time taken to “fall in love” came in at about one-fifth of a second!

Did you read that right? YES! One-fifth of a second is the time it takes to fall in love!

With those numbers there is NO wonder why some people become hopeless romantics through pretty much MOST of their lives. There are about 12 areas of the brain working together during the love process, releasing euphoria-inducing chemicals like dopamine, oxytocin, adrenaline and vasopressin.  A love high can be compared to a cocaine’s rush.  WOW…that’s major!!!

Have you ever heard people say to their partners, “I fall in love with you over and over again?”  Well this is that deep embedded love that two people share.  This is that love that KEEPS on giving and KEEPS on growing as the relationship matures over time.  As a relationship coach, I have found that many couples never take the seconds in a day to fall IN LOVE with their mates all over again.

The brain didn’t come up randomly with a 5th of a second, so that we may fall for other people around us…this perhaps may be the divine calculation of how true love is supposed to work.  Just imaging, falling in love with the one you’re with EVERYDAY!

Now, wouldn’t THAT make a quite a few lawyers go hungry???

Ponder the thought of taking the 5th of second to fall in love again.  That’s eye blinking time, so even on a busy day you can make time for that.  There is no limit as to how many time you can fall in love with your lover.

By Author Katrina Gurl

2 Comments on “The 5th of a Second…

  1. Our Favorite Reader “Mutuo” Says: ( A facebook Reply)…

    Love in 2/10th of a second.
    I’ll have to remain a sceptic on that one.
    Desire, maybe, but “love”
    Desire can be anything from “a wanting” to get to know someone, all the way up to “wanting” to show someone what the grab bars are for in the full handicaped bathtub at the nearest motel.
    I think “falling in love” is a process.
    That kind of LOVE requires time.
    (just my usual 2 cents)


    • Facebook Response 🙂
      Thanks for your 2 cents Mutuo….love the feedback! I agree that love does takes a process, but the study was based on how the actual brain reacts, not by personal views of what the process of love should be on an individual or personal basis.

      I really love dialog and feedback



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