Dear…well you know who you are,

You may not know this, but…

Beads of sweat race from my skin when I think of the way you touch me. Electricity runs through my soul as I ponder your embrace each time you leave. I almost can’t wait to see you again. I need you NOW just as bad as I needed you last night and the night before that. The way your hands touch on me makes me want to do the same as you. I am mesmerized at the thought of becoming you for a moment, so please forgive me if I cannot wait much longer.

Slowly licking my finger in an attempt to put out this fire within me, I find it pleasing to mimic you this way.

Hot rivers flows between my legs with anticipation, thus letting me know that not all wetness pertains to water. This wetness is slick as my finger run circles around my clitoris. I try to imitate your kisses on my womanhood and gently squeeze my nipple the same way you do.

My hands dance along my hips slowly leading my middle finger in and out of me almost the same as your tongue.

I make “me” moan for dear life when I act like you. This is about the time you’d cause me to tilt my head back breathing short breaths of ecstasy calling your name. I still called your name; still need you still want you.
Performing as you over and over has my legs a bit quivery.

I image your breath of passion brushing across my face. I am captivated by how well I work with my hands. You’ve always longed to taste me, so I imitate that too. Mmmmm, so this must be the reason why you taste me sometimes for so long, this waterfall flows easy and sweet. The same fingers dipped in me glides across my tongue like delicately sugared peaches.

Eating after you this way appeases me.

Imitating you takes my breath away. Moans become songs that title your name. Breath becomes mere pants as I struggle to continue as you. Resembling a butterfly with wings spread afar; passion soon becomes pleasure as pleasure becomes satisfaction.

There is nothing that can truly take the place of you, even if I give myself a hand.
I still have the endurance to await your arrival.

Yours truly,

Yearning Anticipation

By Katrina Gurl for “Peek Through Innuendos” – Steamy Trails Publishing

10 Comments on “Mesmerized!

  1. p.s. – the author of the previous response has no children with Ms. Katrina, does not live with Katrina, has never spanked Katrina and has no knowledge of Katrina in the biblical sense. 😉


  2. Oh and thanks for that “PS” statement, because I have no idea who you are,
    but I love your writing and am very glad our paths have crossed
    rather deliberately or by chance…bravo to this scribe. Sir???


  3. “So I keep in tightly in check. Unleashed it becomes something crossed between The Incredible Hulk and Hellboy, complete with three sixes branded in fire on my left ass cheek!”

    …Yep, this was a line that clearly stuck out to me!

    A cross between Incredible Hulk and Hellboy is a very scary place!


  4. Your imagination is out of this world…
    thanks for sharing it with all of us.
    Out for the time being…runs to make.

    You are welcome to post as often as you’d like here.
    However, you should post responses on your blog too.
    All great shows havespin-offs leading to other great shows, so let’s
    have a spin-off blog….this will be a win win situation.

    ttyl and let’s do this 🙂



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