Tuesday’s Love Jones – Master You and He Will Too!

Tuesday’s Love Jones

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Ladies, we must take it literally in our own hands when it cums to insuring orgasms!  Fan Us “Like” Now!

Yes I said it! Let’s take orgasm power in our own hands! By this I mean, let’s take time to show our man the way we want to be touched. When we become familiar with our partners over the years, we tend to settle for the routine of love making. We settle for using lines like, “honey, I’m tired” or allowing our men to relieve themselves, so we can just be left alone and in my book, that is NOT making love, that is simple making peace!

Sex should never become routine. Just as we continue to grow, change and evolve, so should our sex lives!

Teaching and showing him how to please you is a win win situation. Men love to watch their women masturbate, it turns them on completely, so why not use that weakness as a lesson that will pay off for the both of you. Imagine having a great orgasm EVERY TIME you have sex!!! Master You and He Will Too!!!

By showing and telling your man where, how, and when to touch you, you’re opening a preverbal door of “sexual satisfaction” that he will never be closed. Just remember to keep it lusty and engaging to watch. Don’t make him feel left out; just make him feel like it’s more of a show for him. Seductively teaching can be fun for you both.

Here’s what ya do:

  • With your thumb and forefinger on either side of your clitoris, gently roll it between your fingers. Begin with a slow, gentle roll and then gradually accelerate the movement until you find the speed that works for you.  Place two fingers directly on your clitoris and move them in a circular motion. Try varying speed and intensity.

By this time, he is really paying attention, so ring the bell as class begins “Draw” a circle around your clitoris with the tip your middle finger.

  • Use one hand to separate and hold apart your labia, fully exposing your clitoris. Vary in speed and intensity and be patient as you tap harder and longer. At this point, allow him to add a few taps in there as he watches you sensually explode.  When you’re aroused and lubricated, gently thrust one or two fingers in and out of your vagina. Many women who believe they can only achieve orgasm through direct clitoral stimulation are surprised to find that penetration can also bring them to a rousing climax.

Now, guide his index and middle finger in and out of you vagina while you continue stimulating your clitoris with one hand. The combination of clitoral and vaginal stimulation feels overwhelmingly good and can be very exciting for him to aid this feeling.

  • If you wish to change positions, try lying on your belly while he continues to thrust his fingers within you. Reach underneath yourself to continue stimulating your clitoris. Only this time add a gentle humping motion. Keep in mind that this give him full view of your Dari air….this will not only turn him on, but give him even more idea to please you.

Don’t forget to show him your G-Spot:

  • Lie on your back with your knees raised and insert HIS middle finger into your vagina in an inverted “come hither” motion. About two inches into your vagina, on the wall closest to your stomach, you’ll feel a spongy, slightly raised area. That’s your G-Spot, also known as your urethral sponge. Because the sensitive portion of this area is actually on the other side of several layers of skin, it will respond best to pressure, not stroking. Try pressing your G-Spot with varying intensities. When a man graduates to leaning where your G-Spot is…sexual possibilities are endless!!!!

Teach thy man in the way he should go!

When you become a pro, you may want to introduce sex toys into this occasion. Sex toys help to build excitement and heighten arousal. Shop at “The Alexess Way” for all your adult toy needs.

Coming Soon – Strategies for Confident Sex – A My Stiletto Dreams Guide to Sensual Sex!

by ~ Author Katrina Gurl

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