The Supervisory Wife!

Are you a supervisory wife? Do you take your husband for granted? Most women don’t realize it but they abuse their husbands daily and don’t even realize it. If we aren’t getting what we want from our man could it be because we are not treating our man like a man? Most men don’t like to be told what to do like children, yet, the supervisory wife does just that, NOT LET THE MAN BE A MAN!!!

Belittling Your Man’s Decisions…

This is crucial in a marriage. As women, we have been taught from youth to go after our dreams, goals and hopes for our lives at all cost no matter the consequences even if that means disrespecting your husband’s needs or wishes. Of course, we as women can still chase our dreams, but we as woman MUST also consider our men in all operations of our aspirations. If you have a good man, he will always be willing to WORK his desires around your dreams.

When a Wife Rejects a Man…

Have you told your man (just this very week in fact) that you were too tired or had a headache to deter him from even attempting to make love to you? As today’s wife, we should take every opportunity to please our man regardless if we feel like it or not because please believe, if a man is sexually pushed to the limit, he WILL cheat (in most cases, not all).

However, as a side note to MEN: If sex is good, a woman’s headaches will NEVER be an excuse. So please know that if a woman is constantly resisting you, seek marriage counseling – resistance is the rawest sense that she is NOT being satisfied sexually.

Never Get in the Way of Male Bonding Time…

If time with his friends lack getting in the way of family time, your time and his work time, LET THE MAN GO! Stop complaining about his friends. If a man has to choose between his best buds and his wife he will always do the latter, he will CHOOSE BOTH! However this will ultimately cause friction in the relationship AND cause him to lie about hanging out with HIS OWN DAMN FRIENDS! Face it wives, men need that male bonding time, it makes them overall happier people and even more happy when the wife can at least tolerate his friends.

Cooking and Cleanting (I did not misspell that, Tyler Perry just popped in my head)…

People have said for AGES that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you ask any man, he’ll tell you that when he is taken care of through a nutritional source, he feels loved. He pictures comfort in growing old with you. There are so many ways to cook fast meals these days that it’s a shame we don’t. Women no longer have to slave over a hot stove. The microwave and prepackaged meals are our friend ladies.


It’s hard for a supervisory wife to show respect to her husband. Supervisory women ALWAYS have to be in control. When people feel as though they NEED to be in control ALL THE TIME, it leaves very little room or need for the husband. Treating our husband’s like they are children and incompetent of managing feeble tasks is a showing him a lack of respect. We as wives must build up the man we love OR another woman will. Think about that for a moment! If YOU can’t stomach that thought, start showing respect. Keep in mind, NO MAN WANTS A BULLY FOR A WIFE!


By nature, men are wired to protect what they love, when it comes to his wife, even more so. Nowadays, women act as if they don’t even a man to do what it is they do by nature and that is to PROTECT HIS TERRITORY and makes sure his woman, family and all that he loves is safe. When a supervisory woman takes on even that role, it makes the husband feel inadequate and useless.

Give In…

Submitting to your husbands is not a sign of weakness ladies. It’s actually a sign of strength.
By allowing your selfish ways to cease, you’d also learn that GIVING IN actually gives you as a wife more control than you’ll ever know in the marriage. This will make you a better person, wife and lover to your husband. In closing, please know that if you are not willing to fight for your marriage another woman will come along and do what you will not.

This blog is not to create a fear of losing your man if you do not comply. This blog is created to oblige awareness in the REALITY of how simply changes that we make NOW may keep OUR relationships HEALTHY! Health is a process we are to take on in the BEGINNING, not when things are already at filter!

Written by Katrina Gurl 2010

Better Wright -Clean Up Woman

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