Everyday Romance by Katrina Gurl!

Relationships often lack romance. People seem to think that romance is something that happens for a moment in time, when in fact, romance should be practiced daily. Always remember, it’s the little things that count.

Do simple things to draw your mate closer and set positive tones in your relationship like these…

~ Touch. Something as simple as a hug, kiss hello or goodbye can be more intimate than the actual act of making love.

~ Say “I love you”. Sure, your partner may clearly see that you love them, but saying it verbally means so much more.

~ Cook at home. Cooking can be a romantic gesture of love. It shows that you’ve taken the time to personally prepare a tasty meal for your mate. This also shows the devotion you have for them.

~ Cater to each other. Thoughtfulness and selflessness contributes to the romance in the relationship. Catering creates a deeper trust as love flourishes.

~ Inspire each other. Laugh, talk and play. Don’t take life to seriously and have fun. Make special time to enjoy each others company and cherish time together. Say confident things to one another, this will esteem the entire relationship.

~ Listen to romantic music. Music not only sooths the savage beast, but it can also be calming and set a tone for romance daily.

4 Comments on “Everyday Romance by Katrina Gurl!

  1. Very good advice. I think that many relationships loose their luster because after getting to know each other, the parties in the relationship stop trying. They get too accostomed to each other’s presence and take each other for granite. Everyone should be a smart as you Katrina. The devorce rate would tumble if they did. I wish I had read this years ago when i WAS MARRIED…lol


  2. Hey Mike!

    I appreciate you stopping by and for the compliment, but please know that this knowledge has come with epic fails, trial and MUCH error. Experience, often is our best weapon for combat when trying to make a relationship last.

    I say, everyone should be as smart as you Michael, because I know that through learning from your past…you next relationship will be golden!!!

    Many Hugs Best Friend 🙂

    ~ Katrina


  3. This is so true and the best advice for relationships and marriages. Maybe we can all learn from this thank you!!!!!!!!!!



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