Who Could She Be?

As an unspoken rule most women can appreciate when a man has a special way with word. By that we mean the kind of man that can say exactly what he wants with a subtle rhythm. PAWII “guest” published writer, Amillion the Poet is all that and more, so relax and enjoy the flow of this piece…

Amillion the Poet

Who Could She Be?

We loved to put on public displays of affection
So intimate…
The best is yet to cum like an orgasm
One can only begin to fathom
We started dating so early I can’t remember the date
But we were inseparable at the age of 8
Then we became official once I was legal at 21
But it was a catch 22 because I wasn’t her only one
I was One in A Million
So then she became my claim to fame
I even tattooed her name…
My left hand women
She made me do something no man has ever done
I took her name and made it my last!
Who could she be?
Her name is…
My name is Amillion the Poet

“I love her so much I took her name and made it my last; Amillion the Poet.” -Amillion the Poet

All Rights Reserved 2011
Copywriten: Amillion the Poet (1NA)
Purchase your copy www.AmillionThePoet.com

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