Low Self-Esteem Crashes Dreams…

Women with low self-esteem are critical mostly of themselves and this strains true sexual fulfillment.


Have you ever had a fantasy that you felt was too risqué to perform or just a tad bit out of your comfort zone? Is self-esteem part of the reason why you don’t try new and fun things in the bedroom?

Increasing self-confidence is a boost for your love life to say the least. Self- confidence is the gift that keeps on giving and it will open the door to sexual satisfaction and better health. It’s true, click “here” if you don’t believe me.

My Stiletto Dreams wants you to become confident as you want to be and if you need a little help getting there, help is on the way. Gain empowerment for your relationship with coaching techniques that is proven to shape and change your life.

Just the same as gumbo, relationships also need the proper ingredients for a master taste. Learn what these crucial techniques are by visiting My Stiletto Dreams Coaching program with Katrina!
Relationship Coaching


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