MAN EATER by Mike Lowery

Laser beam focused
She gets what she wants
no matter how hard you try to escape
it’s your dreams she haunts.

She’s her worst enemy
doesn’t follow her heart
let others tell her what to think
contemplation will never end until she starts.

Starts to listen to her own heart,
follow her own mind,
listening to them other women
will keep her in the same bind.

The same bind she has always been in
and will continue to be,
man after man because she thinks
the one who’s with her is getting ready to leave SHE!

She reels them in like a fish from water
manipulating their mind
wrapped around her fingers
like a dad for his daughter.

A man who loves her, can’t love her enough
she seeks attention from elsewhere
causing her own demise because
she’s the one that’s messed up.

Sick in the head from always doubting true love
Could have any man she wants
Should have any man she wants
but the one that love’s her back, just isn’t enough.

She will make love to him, just to get her rocks off
She doesn’t get enjoyment from him fulfilling her
She get’s pleasure out of draining him of his life
his love for her till he’s just a blur.

She’ll kick him to the curb, and not think twice about it
Treat him like he is just another notch on her belt,
and then write about it.

You see this type of woman has only one thing in mind
She will get your heart pumping
make you fall in love
and then dump you at the drop of a dime, after she fulfills her time.

You thought you were the one,
when you really were just a time filler,
she get’s bored easily
because you’re just a patron and she’s the dealer.

So the cards are in her favor, and do your self one even better
Don’t fall in love with this lady, this lady, yes you will meet her,
She’s the one Hall and Oats warned us all about, SHE’S THE MAN EATER!!!

MAN EATER by Mike Lowery

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