Just Touch Me!

Being bad with the one you love is ALL good!

Most people think that bad girls are street walker, adulterers, porn stars or etc.  But we say NOT EVEN BY A LONG SHOT! You do NOT have to be a bad girl in real life to be a bad girl in bed! Here at My Stiletto Dreams we think that you can be as sexy as you want to be with a little self-confidence.

Did you know???

There’s a little natural thing our bodies give off called OXYTOSIN and The very thing that stimulates this hormone is TOUCH! The more we touch each other, the more this hormone is nurtured and the more we kinda GOTTA HAVE IT!

The oxytocin hormone keeps couples bonded
and strengthens the intimacy in relationships.

Sex can be fun, erotic and completely satisfying and gratifying if you take time to DO IT! Practice touching one another by giving each other a message. Take very simple things for NO reason at all and make them sexy to promote touch, like instead of stripping for your man, get dressed for him! Let him see you slide up your underwear on and fasten your bra. Allow him to button your shirt or pull up your jeans! THERE No limit to how far a man’s imaginations takes him when he knows exactly what you have underneath your clothes.

Now we do know things may be on a one step at a time basis while working on the relationship, but even small steps are worth it!

My Stiletto Dreams – building sexual confidence one step at a time.

Please Adjust Your Sounds…This Was (somehow) Recorded LOW!
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It has anti-anxiety affects, reduces stress hormones (mainly cortisol),
promotes feelings of well-being, increases trusting behavior,
reduces blood pressure and promotes growth and healing.

Protein rich foods: eggs,chicken, beans
Apples, bananas, beets, watermelon and Wheat germ

~ Katrina Gurl

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4 Comments on “Just Touch Me!

  1. From long before the expression “laying of hands” was used, contact… human touch… has had curative properties, given comfort and healing, expresses love and nurture.

    Fantastic Post!


  2. I’m happy to see that “the pleasure” isn’t all mine!

    (no threat to LIAM, but I may just start recruiting my own angels… hands off of HIS angels, of course)



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