Do You Like It? by Jessica Lauren Kelley

I really wanna please you.
Tell me what you like.
Do you like it when I kiss you slow?
Do you like it when I bite?

Do you like it when I knead your chest?
Needing you even more?
Do you like it when I whisper
In your ear what I want to explore?

Do you like it when I make you moan?
Do you like when I do the same?
Do you like the way your every touch
Makes me say your name?

Do you like it when I rub your back?
Do you like it when I sigh?
Do you like it when we reach our peak?
Our love taking us so high?

Do you like it when it’s said and done
How I fall asleep with you?
Cause everything you like you know
I really like it too.

2 Comments on “Do You Like It? by Jessica Lauren Kelley

  1. As for what i like, love,
    that you can only measure
    is in how it can add
    to your feelings of pleasure.

    if whether i prefer biting
    or being bitten is the test
    i’d rather nibble on your neck,
    thighs, hips and all the rest.

    mmmm, tell me what you want,
    tell me what you’ll anticipate
    so i can tempt you and tease you,
    fan your flame,
    make you wait

    tell me one at a time
    ALL you’d like to explore
    so i can twist it then invert it,
    push it further,
    give you more.

    putting your hands on my skin,
    from my toes up to my head…
    anytime… there’s no need to wait
    anyplace… not just in the bed.

    but let MY fingers do the walking
    on the road map of your skin
    i’ll call you at work, text your phone,
    to tell you that I’ll begin… by
    pulling your lips between my teeth,
    one not so tender kiss at a time
    there’s no reason to hurry
    this passion so sublime.

    your back against the wall,
    your wrists pinned in my hand
    fist full of hair, teeth at your neck,
    legs losing all ability to stand.

    your mind whirls, your breath spikes
    you viewed this scene in your head
    on the phone I explained, what’s next
    silk scarves, blindfolds… the fourposter bed

    from your soles to your eyelids,
    taking the slow scenic climb
    stopping repeatedly at your heart,
    with my hands caressing time.

    (excerpt from “Mental Stimulation…”)
    Will you share with me your thoughts and your fears,
    your joys and pains, the things that bring you to tears?
    The erotic fantasies you hide, things you never thought you’d do,
    the rise and fall of your breast, your heart beating in my hand



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