Never Underestimate Make-up Sex!

Make-up sex is that passionate, beautiful, kinky, raunchy way of making love after an argument with the hubby or boyfriend. After working out the differences, sex after can be VERY emotionally charged. Not to mention the built up frustration of going without sex during an argument can cause an overwhelming desire towards your mate.

One of the trickiest things a woman can do is argue with a man and then turn around and wear something that she KNOWS will turn him on. My Stiletto Dreams would never tell a woman to do that, but for those that do; it can be some of THEE most gratifying, bewildering sex you can ever have with him…even if it’s not the most honest method of getting there. Never Underestimate Make-up Sex!

Now now, don’t go creating arguments with your loved ones on purpose folks. All we are suggesting is that you use EVEN an argument to your advantage! Think about it!

Use and abuse this tip from your friends at Put A Wedge In It Blogs!

Written by Katrina Gurl

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