Religiously Speaking!

You make me do and say things a god fearing woman would not and why must you make me say these things when I’m on top of you? How is it that you pump so steadily beneath me? Oh, and why in the world must I call on god’s name, when it is only you that can help me in this time of need. You make me fall on my knees just like a religion to serve you and obey. I come willingly to the alter you have prepared for me and I will always be first in line so that you may prey and lay hands on me.

Every time you are near me, my taste buds heighten and my mouth waters for more. If I feed you my first fruits hand by hand, I am more than willing to lick the juices that fall upon your lips and chin because it tastes better dipped in you. Even the sweetest and delectable fruits taste better that way.

Just the thought of you turns me on, because I know full well what you are capable of. This makes my heart and soul pant for you. You have the almighty power to turn a night into day with your lovin. Rivers are divided by your command and it’s plain to see that you are my master.

At first I was lost, but now I’m found and you deserve all the praise. I sacrifice my praises by moaning your name; it rolls from my lips with the sweetest sound. This joy I have is because of you and I am overcome with gladness. As I bow my head to kiss your face, please know that this service was such a blessing.

I got the message loud and clear and I’ll be back for the next revival, for I am an unclean vessel and only you can make me whole again.

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15 Comments on “Religiously Speaking!

  1. Hebrews 13:4 “marriage is honourable in all and the bed is undefiled”
    in other words…please and satisfy each others every need and desire… it all ok…the good book says so….

    and Screaming Og God is just acknowledging his good works…


  2. Confession is good for the soul.

    I will want to hear your thoughts…
    hear them to know that your lips all speak the truth
    hear them to know what your penance will be
    hear them to gauge your nearness to god,

    hear them to know that in this
    “position working under you”
    that I applied for that
    I meat your expectations…

    and how much
    (mmmm… )
    is required to exceed them.

    Fall to your knees for this, our first wholly communion, preying and laying hands on the top of your head
    as you open yourself to me to receive as much of this offering as (you require) I desire.

    “Receive the body (of me)…”

    Amen… amen… a… men… OH… Damn!

    I join you now, on my knees, overcome with the spirit. overwhelmed by your adoration, my sudden lack of muscle control the testament to the power of your prayer.

    You offer me the chalice, your cup of life to drink deeply from.
    Tongue moistens lips (mine) before tongue moistens lips (yours)
    gripping the handles (your hips) then raise slowly up to sip,
    gently tracing my tongue around the rim prepared to softly dive in.


    (…for it is my wish to hear an arch (backed) angel sing)

    I blow hot breath… softly
    on your candle flame knowingly I smile for it requires a pentacostal passion to extinguish this burnig pyre.
    What was lost, I will find… if it means draining and refilling this chalice until it convulses and releases my prize…
    reaching in to the veary heart of you until it is found in this holy game of hide and seek.

    As you lean down to to kiss my lips, still moist with your sacrificial wine, you flick out your tongue to catch the drop
    running to escape the corner of my smiling mouth.

    THE SERMON FOR NEXT SERVICE – Cleansing the Vessel.


  3. WOW! We are SO glad that you not only visit our blog,
    but also take the time to reply in such a powerful way!!!!!
    We love you!!!!!!!! This is hot!!!!!!


    • My apologies.
      I know that the comments section is where readers insert their “two cents”.

      Feeling “moved by the spirit”, I needed to insert something of a higher denomination in the offering plate.

      great post, Ms. Evangeline



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