Just Get Freaky With It!

Sometimes the night time is the right time to just get freaky with it!

We all have a freaky side and ladies sometimes you just have to let her out. Freakiness can add that needed excitement to the relationship that may have been missing. This is especially true if you’ve been getting bored in the bedroom. Remember that age old saying that our men “like a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed”. Show your man what he’s working with and just how you can work it in the sheets every now and then. When most times it’s he who has the control in the bedroom show him that it’s your turn and that you are not afraid to take the lead and show your freaky side.

Although you can get your freak on at anytime we are going to use the night time as the right time. Make sure it’ll be a night with just you and him. Change your mindset and get ready to take control of the experience. Now you don’t want to just jump right into it. Of course you should add a little romance. Soft music, a bottle of wine, a gentle message, etc… . After a little cuddling and nibbling of the ear excuse yourself to get into freak mode. Most men have a thing for red heels so if he’s one of them put on your sexiest pair with nothing more on other than your skin and his favorite perfume.

Start off with saying something sexy then up it a notch to down right dirty sexy talk as things progress. Leave that prim and proper girly behind…It’s time to get your freek on tonight.

Here are a few freakish ideas.

– Give him the best head he’s ever had. Make love to his manhood with your mouth. Lick it, suck it and enjoy the taste of it and let him know you are enjoying it…but don’t allow him to cum…you aren’t finished yet. Remember you are in control.

– Change positions and allow him to make love to you with his mouth. Grab his head and get into the moment by telling him how you are feeling. Let him know exactly what you want him to do with his mouth and tongue. Remember you are in control.

– Ride it. But not the usual way…turn it around allowing him the pleasure of a rear view. Give it the ride of his life. Remember you are in control.

– Back that thang up. Make your way to the edge of the bed. Make sure you backing it up while he putting it in. Don’t be scared of his manhood…show him that you can take it. Remember you are in control.

– Get on your back girl and put them legs high up on his shoulders. allow him in as deep as you can take and ask him who is his ‘momma’. Remember you are in control.

– Do it from the side, stand it up, get it on the dresser or try a chair.

– Add to the freakiness by adding a stimulating toy or two and even some tasty fruit or flavored lubricants.

What ever freaky ways you try, don’t lose your mindset for that mode and just get freaky with it!

Smell, Feel, Taste…Get ya freak on and enjoy!
Written byAlexess The-AlterEgo

6 Comments on “Just Get Freaky With It!

  1. I am loving these articles!!! My husband is gonna be thinking the gods are truly smiling on him….**he ain’t ready for what I’m about to serve him**


  2. This was nice and one thing I’m noticing about all these articles is that they are actually telling us things we already know. We just need to put it into practice.



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