Be What He Needs This Time!

This is a piece is ripped right from the pages of my book, The Balcony View Introduction of the Lovers. The intent for this blog is to allow women to understand that it is okay to become what HE needs you to become sexually in the relationship. Sometimes it’s a good idea to just make him feel the way he does in his fantasies.  Men are going to fantasize no matter what, so why not be a part of it?

As the number one lady in his life, he should be able to experience everything he imagines…if it’s between the two of you.
I hope this blog will help you all to explore the possibility in the love making experience. This is a surefire way to strengthen any relationship. Read the story below and enjoy 🙂

“Honey, I’m home!” kicking off his shoes to relax a bit.
What a tiring, stressful work day, Jammal thought to
himself as he picked up his shoes from the floor, placing
them in the basket next to the door. Sliding off his jacket,
he soon realized something was different about this day coming home.

Jammal smelled scented candles all over the house and to
his surprise; he was greeted by the woman he loved, with
the warmest and most passionate kiss. Her eyes were filled
compassion just for him. This made Jammal feel even more
glad to finally be home. She led him to their room where
he heard water running. A hot shower awaited Jammal. He
didn’t quite understanding why she acted this way today,
but her eyes spoke clear words that he perfectly understood.

She had Jammal’s full attention as she began to undressed herself
slowly. She looked into his eyes with an urgency to taste him.
Standing there completely naked before him, Jammal was
in complete awe of witnessing the sheltered beauty of her
femininity. He felt like it was his first time seeing her
naked. She began to undress him and didn’t request his
help on purpose. She wanted to please him completely.

Softly grabbing his hand, she lead him to the already hot and
steamed shower. Once inside, she reached around him to
grab the washcloth and soap that she was preparing to bathe
him with. As she soaped up the washcloth drenched with
water, suds slowly streamed from her chest to her navel.
This aroused Jammal instinctively.

Bathing him slowly and sensual, she didn’t miss a single spot on
him. His entire body was clothed with a lathery design that
in his mind, only she could cover him in. She moved the
multi-action showerhead and changed the nozzle to the
rainfall effect. Her eyes began speaking to him again; only
this time, lustful thoughts as she watched
the suds race from his body.

The warm water rinsed not only suds from his body,
but the days stress as well. She moved closer to him to whispered
the first real words from her lips to him. The wet, warm skin of her cheek grazed
gently next to his until her lips met his ear…

“Bathe me as I have you.”

As quickly as his aroused hands could move, he bathed
her with the same lustfulness as she’d bathed him. He
began rinsing her delicate curves intoxicated with her
sex appeal. She whispers in his ear again, this time in a
softer, breathy tone…

“I am your servant, allow me to fulfill your every desire.”

She then slowly moved her lips from his ear to see his response.
The excitement in Jammal’s eyes was evident. He began thinking of all the possibilities
of what could happen with a statement like that. Just as
indecisive as a child, he had no idea what to asked her to do
first. He was stunned by her offer. In his delay, she began to
immediately taking matters in her own hands.

She dropped to her knees as if she read his mind. The hair on her head
moistened as specks of water dripped upon her. She showed
no concern that her hair would now lose it’s paid for
texture. Her main target was to please him.

While on her knees, she slowly kissed his slick, wet
penis. As she licked the entire shaft and length it
from bottom to tip. Then she did something that was never done
to him before. She French kissed the opening of his penis, gently, softly, eager.
Jammal literally watched this beautiful woman taste the
nectar that came from his body and at that point, he rested with her taking
complete control.

Tenderly, she kissed him there until she was satisfied. Her soft firm hands
cupped the base of his cock as she began filling her mouth
with it. She sucked as if hard candy filled her mouth with
sweetness. Her mouth wrapped around the thickness of his
penis with slow, soft, teasing licks. Slowly she began
gently, biting the length of him. Jammal, in full anticipation
for what was next, watched her smoothly changed position.
Now flat on her feet with legs spread miles apart.
His feet now viewed the best of her. Warm sprinkles of water
flowed their bodies as she bided him to watch her please
him. Intensity he watched, not knowing how much more he
could take of her pleasing him that way.

Seeing her lick, blow, suck, kiss, graze, bite and taste every flavor that his
ecstasy gave to her, almost weakened him to stand. She appeared to
want him greedily. Jammal had no choice in the matter, he
gave in to the pleasure she was giving and upon her
lips was evidence of sweet surrender.

She tasted every morsel of him willingly.

By Katrina Gurl

Stay tuned! Next up is Alexess The-AlterEgo

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