Wake Me Up!

Sex has no time requirement! It can happen at any time, any day. Work, school and other busy issues make a couple very tired at night and when they finally meet up and sit down together, their nightly play time may be traded for sleepy time! Most couples who don’t have sex during the day, or right before bed, will not have sex at all in a 24 hour period. Some couples are okay with that, but please remember, even though sex is not the only thing that keeps a relationship strong, it is an important part of a relationship. There is an interesting article on the subject at The Queen Speaks Blog.

Being a VERY busy woman myself I know how tough it can be to come home and please my man after work, school, raising children, dealing with family drama, etc, etc. I also know how important it is to keep my man happy in that department, so I have a time management trick up my sleeves.

When I get home, I go to bed as soon as I can. No CSI for me! It’s straight to bed after I get my house in order. I will at this time try to convince my man that it is his bedtime too. If he sleeps while I do this will aid in my plan success. Before I go to sleep I set my alarm to wake me about 4 hours after I’ve fallen asleep. What I am about to do is called a nap! We adults rarely get these but they are very nice and useful, in this case. When my alarm goes off it is time for me to get up and engage my man in some sensual activities.

WARNING: You know you’re man better than me. If he normally wakes up cranky, you might want to tell him in advanced of your plans to wake him up so he won’t be surprised. Leave the details out; just let him know you have a midnight treat for him.

This technique is a great way to take control of your sexual experience and strut your sensual stuff. Awaking a man from his sleep for sex has rarely created a negative situation for a woman. You have the element of surprise. Do things to him that you wouldn’t normally do during the day for fear of being caught or let him take care of you if he has the energy and strength. It will still be his pleasure while he is pleasing you.

This midnight loving can be such a wonderful surprise for your man and it will also show him how much you care. The fact that you were willing to wake up in the middle of the night to take care of his needs shows selflessness. This will strengthen your relationship and make for a fun and flirty morning. Who could resist talking about those midnight adventures when you wake up feeling energized and playful? You will sleep well after your escapades; sex is the ultimate sleeping pill.

Have Fun,

Mimi Neko

Restless Nights

As I toss and turn,
In the middle of the night.
I long for your touch.
My subconscious pulls me awake.
11:55 pm.
I wrap myself around you,
And kiss you to rouse.
I ask you to rock me back to sleep.
You yawn and assure me that I will be cared for.
A smile crosses my face,
As you please me with your hands.
I long for your kisses and without words you reply.
I meet your lips passionately.
As you enter me slowly,
I sigh my pleasure.
You are my perfect fit.
Careful movements and strokes call me to express.
I speak words of love,
And sounds of pleasure.
Tuesday morning.
You bring me to my climax,
Ignoring selfish needs.
My body thanks you with spasms and quivers,
You tell me I’m welcome with gentle soothing kisses.
As sleep begins to wash over me,
You continue to hold me close,
I am assured that I will be cared for.
1 am.

Sleep takes me peacefully.


4 Comments on “Wake Me Up!

  1. This was wonderfully true!! My husband and I often meet during the wee hours of the morn and it works out beautifully for us!! Great article guys!!



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