Loverly Advice by Katrina Gurl

First off, you’ve got to be with someone that ultimately like. The person you marry or date should have no less chemistry than your closest friends.  Be your partners’ best friend, laugh, have fun together and honor each other.

Secondly, treat trust as a choice you choose to hold firm in your relationship.  Trust is one of those things that you have automatically coming into a relationship.  Trust can only be devoured by the choices you make on a daily basis.

Third, keep communicate very well and be present in the relationship.  Communications can actually become an investment for a couple.  The dividends of communication will always increase the length of the time you both share.

And Fourth, It is a must to keep it sexy, Take the time to look good for one another.  Maybe not every day, but as you wake to dress, ask yourself would he or she like me in this or that. All of these rules are important for a strong relationship and marriage.

In today’s world people are so caught up with the feeling of falling in love that we forget the rules on keeping that love alive in the relationship.  We must continue to take the time to learn their mates before we marry, so that things will continue to work after we marry.

Here to help us keep spice in the relationship are seven (including myself) of the most amazing and educated writers on the planet.  They will be writers for the duration of this blog tour. “Morning, Noon and Night Lovin” sponsored by My Stiletto Dreams for Put A Wedge In It! Blogs.

The writers are:

Mimi Neko

Victoria Velato

Alexess The-AlterEgo

Katrina Gurl

Hope Leslie Curshin

Evangeline Jalique

and Introducing Liam Maxwell.

They will be writing very provocative poetry, relationship tips and short stories that will bring spice to any relationship!!!

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