Get “Stripper” Confident!

Why do men love strip clubs? …Is an age old question that women have been pondering over for generations. Some men think frequenting strip clubs are just boys being boys, a fun pass time or a choice of entertainment. While women on the other hand, look at these frequent visitations as a form of cheating. Some women my may even deduct spending (what seems to be) intimate time with another female may become a filler for ultimate rejection to her in the relationship.

Some men don’t like strip clubs at all and some, no matter what they got at home will still go on the hunt!

When men enter the building of a strip club, in most cases hospitality overwhelmed the place. They are greeted with friendly smiles, positivity and respect right from the very start.

Even when people came in as couples, the hostess’s becames even more respectful and humble as well. When men go to these clubs, they know FOR SURE that if they spend money THEY WILL have a good time. They also know that rejection most likely will NOT happen.

Realize this:

• Men, as a general rule, are visually stimulated and, for the most part, can separate the act of sex from their emotions.
• And two, the male ego is quite likely the most fragile creature on the planet.

Another reason men flock to strip clubs is because they can live out secret fantasies with a beautiful woman. The average man understands that most of the working girls in these clubs would never date them in a real life setting. But for the moment the man has a gorgeous woman before him actually agreeing with everything he says and he LOVES it.  Unlike the way his wife or girlfriend may receive him. No nagging, no rejection. In fact, the word “NO” doesn’t even seem exist in the building. For his pleasure, sexy naked women sitting right in front of him yielding to his every whim that he is willing to pay for LOL!

How about this:

• Take the time to dress for love making (just like the strippers do).
Visit an adult store for ideas, such as
Stop by your local adult store and shop away.

• Take time to seduce (just like the strippers do).
Learn how to use an in home stripper pole by visiting

• Take time to smile, show hospitality and respect (just like the strippers do).

• Take care of you bodies (The same way a stripper has to).
Workout to stay healthy and to keep stamina for lasting sex by visiting a local gym in your area.

In closing, in no fashion or form does “My Stiletto Dreams” suggest that ALL men go to strip clubs or that ALL women need to become strippers. All we are suggesting is that in relationships there is always room to Grow, Compromise and Become Better to and for one another.

by Katrina Gurl

2 Comments on “Get “Stripper” Confident!

  1. This is hot and oh so true. How basic is it to be hospitable to your mate? Yikes, I can’t believe women are missing that aspect. Also staying healthy is a great way to stay sexy. Being healthy creates personal confidence which shows all over you. I’m not talking 6 packs, I’m talking basic health and fitness.

    Time to come out of the shell!


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