Tuesday’s Love Jones – Along Comes Love!

Yesterday JaMarr “Stitch” Nance marked himself “In a Relationship” on facebook.

Tuesday’s Love Jones – Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?

Is Falling In Love At First Sight Antiquated?

Chadwick Boseman!

On August 28th 2020, the world all found out in unison that another great has fallen.  As if this year could get anymore unbearable! Chadwick Boseman, known for his role as King T'Challa in Marvel's "Black Panther," Boseman was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer in 2016, and it progressed to stage four, the post … Continue reading Chadwick Boseman!

Tuesday’s Love Jones – 6 Signs That She Can’t Live Without You!

There is nothing like witnessing a person’s eyes change the moment that the person they love walks in the room