Not in Bevy’s World! A Bevelations Book Review!

I feel as if Bev’s stories come from true Harlem Renaissance or old black Hollywood or something like that and all I can hear while reading her books is jazz from a smoky cotton club. ~ Katrina Gurl When I purchased this book, I had no idea what to expect, but I knew one … Continue reading Not in Bevy’s World! A Bevelations Book Review!

Happy Birthday to Me! (Chapter 49)💖

When I think about the fact that I was born in 1972 and here it is 2021; I think, wow...I am getting hella old!!!! But, I digress because I do thank God that I'm healthy and alive to one day be able to tell my grandkids that I literally lived through a pandemic, Trump as … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me! (Chapter 49)💖

5 Amazing Apps for Couples!

Having an app that you both use collaboratively can draw you closer together, especially if that same app relates to an interest you both share. It’s a pretty cool way to strengthens your connection and helps you understand each other better. Talk to each other about which couples app you’d like to try first. Before … Continue reading 5 Amazing Apps for Couples!